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Episode 15: Barry Ancelet, part 1, on Louisiana French

This week we begin a three-part series on Louisiana French with Dr. Barry Ancelet, noted folklorist and expert in Cajun culture. We talk about how French came to be...

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Episode 14: R. David Zorc, part 2, more on the Bisayan languages

In this week’s episode, we continue our conversation with R. David Zorc, noted linguist of Philippine languages. We talk about the Philippine “Focus System”, genitive case markers, and the...

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Episode 13: R. David Zorc, part 1, on the Bisayan languages

In this week’s episode, we call R. David Zorc on the phone and talk about the Bisayan languages of the Philippines. It’s a fun and informative interview. If you’re...

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Episode 12: Keren Rice, part 2, on Community-Based Research

One great interview deserves another! This week we are continuing our conversation with Dr. Keren Rice of the University of Toronto. We turn from the Dene languages to Community-based...

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Episode 11: Keren Rice, part 1, on the Dene languages

This is an exciting week! We are talking to Dr. Keren Rice of the University of Toronto, former President of the Linguistic Society of America, the Canadian Linguistic Association...

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Episode 10: Dina Stanković, part 3, more on Serbian and Slavic Languages

On this week’s episode, we finish our discussion with Miss Dina Stanković, a budding young linguist who studies — and podcasts on! — Slavic languages. Last week we talked...

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Upcoming Guests

Justin Wolfe and Judith Maxwell portrait, May 2009 (4730) - RGB

Judie M. Maxwell

mayan / gulf

Professor of Linguistics and Anthropology at Tulane University. An icon in the field of Mayan linguistics. Working to revitalize the Tunica language in her copious free time.


R. David Zorc


Lexicographer. Historical Linguist. Retired after a lifetime of research on languages around the world, particularly Philippine languages. Wrote the seminal work on Bisayan classification. All around great guy.

Anthony Grant


Fell in love with Linguistics as a young man in an old library. Studies wordlists for fun. Professor at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. Speaks with a British accent.


David Gil


“My interest is in languages, linguistic theory and the interaction of grammar with other cognitive domains. But one can’t do everything, so my actual research activities have tended to meander over the years…”