Episode 7: Joyce Bennett on Language and Empowerment among Kaqchikel Women in Guatemala

In this week’s episode, Jarrette talks to Dr. Joyce Bennett of Connecticut College about her research on the interplay between language, culture, and empowerment among Kaqchikel women in Guatemala. How and why are Kaqchikel women reclaiming their identity through clothing and language in Guatemala?


  • the Kaqchikel language (ISO 639-3 CAK)
  • language and gender
  • women’s role in language conservation and revitalization
  • traje (woven clothing of the Maya)
  • “neoliberalism globalization forces”
  • women migration within Central America
  • language and clothing and identity
  • free trade and global trade policies that affect Maya women in Guatemala
  • Nim Po’t (traditional Guatemalan handicrafts and textiles store in Antigua): https://www.nimpotexport.com
  • clothing as a kind (or “cotext”) of language
  • language reclamation
    • such as lexical items
    • such as social domains
  • effects of globalization on language diversity
  • the intersection between feminism and linguistics as an intellectual space


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