Episode 9: Dina Stanković, part 2, more on Serbian and Slavic Languages

On this week’s episode, we continue our discussion with Miss Dina Stanković, a budding young linguist who studies — and podcasts on! — Slavic languages. Last week we talked about the history and socio-cultural context of Serbian, followed by a discussion of the phonetics and phonology (i.e. the sounds of) Serbian. This week we keep going by discussing the language’s morphology and begin a discussion on Serbian syntax.


  • Vocative stayed in Serbian:
    • Jarrette-e instead of Jarrette /when addressing someone/
    • Southern Serbian dialect (Torlakian) – 2 cases instead of 7.
    • Standard Serbian: Pričao sam sa njom. (I talked with her.)
    • Torlakian dialect: Pričao s nju. (I talked with her.)
  • Dual:
    • only Slovene and Sorbian still have it, Serbian doesn´t.
    • oko (eye) – oka (two eyes) – oči (many eyes) – leftovers from dual.
  • Form change after the number 5:
    • jedan pas – dva, tri, četiri psa – pet, šest… pasa.
  • Word order:
    • Juče sam je video. (I saw her yesterday)
    • Video sam je juče. (I saw her yesterday)


  • the morphology of Serbian
  • the noun cases of Serbian
    • vocative case, instrumental case
    • dialectal differences
    • loss of certain cases in Torlakian dialect
  • dual forms (grammatical number)
    • natural duality of nouns (eyes, ears, hands)
  • plurality in numbers five and greater
  • the syntax (word order) of Serbian
  • pronoun dropping in Serbian


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