Series: Austronesian

Episode 14: R. David Zorc, part 2, more on the Bisayan languages

In this week’s episode, we continue our conversation with R. David Zorc, noted linguist of Philippine languages. We talk about the Philippine “Focus System”, genitive case markers, and the future of Linguistics in the Philippines. TOPICS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: the Philippine “Focus System” “Philippine-type” languages What voice is “marked” in Bisayan languages? What is…

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Episode 13: R. David Zorc, part 1, on the Bisayan languages

In this week’s episode, we call R. David Zorc on the phone and talk about the Bisayan languages of the Philippines. It’s a fun and informative interview. If you’re interested in Philippine languages, or language classification, tune in and enjoy! TOPICS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE: How did Dr. Zorc get into linguistics? and why the…

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Episode 6: Anthony Grant, part 2, more on Lexicostatistics, Tagmemics, Word Borrowings, and Philippine languages

Today’s episode provides the listener with a few “outtakes” from Jarrette’s conversation with Anthony Grant that we weren’t able to include in the first episode (Episode 5) but that definitely were worth including! Topics include: cognacy grids and how lexicostatistics resembles biology exclusively shared innovations cognate density numbers languages mentioned: Aklanon, Tagalog, Chavacano (Zamboangueño), Ilocano,…

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