Series: Vitality

Episode 17: Barry Ancelet, part 3, on the future of Louisiana French

This week, we finish our discussion with Barry Ancelet. We turn to the future of Louisiana French, how it’s expressing itself, and the positive signs that there is a bright future ahead for French in Louisiana. PHOTO CREDIT: Philip Gould TOPICS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: the stigmatization and the “double minority status” of Louisiana French…

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Episode 16: Barry Ancelet, part 2, on Louisiana French identity and literacy

This week we continue our conversation on Louisiana French with Dr. Barry Ancelet, noted folklorist and expert in Cajun culture. We talk about the differences between Louisiana French and Modern Standard French, how they developed independently, and the historical efforts to preserve Louisiana French by writing it and teaching it. PHOTO CREDIT: Philip Gould TOPICS…

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Episode 3: Judie Maxwell, part 2, on Language Death and Vitality

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Judie Maxwell of Tulane University. “It’s amazing that languages like the Mayan languages of Guatemala have survived 500 years, and that speaks a lot to the resilience and determination of the people.” Topics include: languages vs. dialects the language that was split by a river What a…

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