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Jarrette K. Allen

resident anthropologist

Jarrette is the Assistant Professor of French at McNeese State University in his beloved home state of Louisiana. He went back to grad school later in life, earning an MA in French Studies from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!!) and a soon-to-be-earned PhD in Linguistic Anthropology from Tulane University (pending that d&%$S*! dissertation!). He speaks English like a Southerner, French like they do in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and Brazilian Portuguese like a bonafide mineiro, uai! He has taught at l’Académie de Lille, Louisiana State University, l’Université de Limoges, and Tulane University before finally gaining stable employment at McNeese.

While he’s not experimenting in the kitchen, walking in the French Quarter, listening to other podcasts, or running from hurricanes, he is working with the Bantayanon Language Project, researching the obituary circular letters of the Ursulines in Old and New France, and developing online collaborative dictionary software.

Most played artist on his iPhone: Georges Brassens
Last played song on his iPhone: O Brasil tá cheio
Number of countries visited: 19

Lisa M. Sprowls

resident linguist

Lisa Sprowls (or is it Vowels?) is a PhD candidate in linguistics at Tulane University. She also has a BA in German from American University and an MA in linguistics from the University of Montana. She is currently writing (and sometimes crying her way through) her dissertation, focused on how perceptions of race and class (in)equity correlate with dialect variation in New Orleans. She has published multiple works in the realm of sociophonetics, focusing on variation in Pittsburgh, Montana, and Louisiana dialects of English. Lisa previously held adjunct positions at the University of Montana and Tulane University, teaching classes in linguistics, ESL, and race & inclusion. Combining her love of education and being a thorn in the side of power-hungry men, Lisa has chosen to depart the path of academia to be lead instructor for a non-profit serving formerly and currently incarcerated women.

Outside of linguistics and education, Lisa enjoys trying and failing to bake things she sees on GBBO, knitting while she watches trash reality TV, fishing in her beloved native northern Appalachia (what up, fellow Yinzers?!), and tinkering with boats, engines, and other things she definitely does not know enough about to be tinkering with.

Most played artist on her phone: Noah Gundersen
Last played song: The Door by D’Angelo and the Vanguard
Number of mini-horses petted: never enough